Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP

Living in the Desert

I now live here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For now this is where the Lord has planted me, so I’ll do my best to blossom.  But only He knows the tomorrows, and maybe the tomorrows will be San Antonio, Grand Rapids, Seattle or Kings Mountain, or Honolulu.  This city is the destination recreation center of the world.  People come here from all over the world for conventions and for pleasure. The devil has free rein here, there is less deception of words, and they don’t hide the sin, lust and greed here at all.  As a matter of fact, they find it most profitable to expose it for everyone to get numb to it.  Even the churches here seem to flow with it more so than I feel comfortable with.  It is a filthy city; the streets are littered with pornography, booze bottles, and trash.  They openly promote prostitution on billboards, mobile billboards and taxicabs. They openly promote homosexuality and lesbian lifestyles by having clubs in some of the finer high-end hotels and casinos.  People speak openly about child slavery and prostitution, and it doesn’t seem to bother them.  The mayor of this town is an old mafia lawyer; he poses with whores and does interviews for Playboy.  Over exposure seems to make people numb to the reality of what they are seeing.   Isn’t that what we are talking about with this manipulation of words and the deception of the revolving door sick care industry, and the food, and the water?   If we are not the blessed generation that is going to see the King of Kings come through the clouds on that massive white steed with armies of angels and the risen saints all armed to hilt to kick some demonic but…. then I’m a frog. 

 This is a busy city, this is sin city and the guests never see the real city.  Those of us that live here rarely go to the strip, and away from the strip, the farther the better, it’s just like any, other city.  That’s not saying a lot, but God is here, and there are some great things going on to expand the Kingdom. I do the radio shows, have a limited Holistic health practice, teach, lecture and keep busy.  I love the weather here, not having to shovel snow, no mosquitoes to pester me, and no fleas to pester my dog. So basically, I guess I’m satisfied with the life of the desert.

There is a sin of the desert that everyone need to be aware of, and each of us need to be cautious that we do not be found guilty of practicing, the sin of the desert. That sin is knowing where the Oasis is, where the watering hole is, and not telling anyone.  If you know someone that is fighting a losing battle the conventional pharmaceutical doctor route, with any form of dis-ease, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, or whatever, and you fail to tell that someone you know that perhaps there is hope for them in God’s plan, and that Holistic coaching can help them, if you fail to share this, then you are guilty of the sin of the desert.

                                Dr. Tom and  Rosemary