Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP

Q & A

On Phytoplankton.

Q. Dr. Tom, of all of the whole food supplements you speak of in your Prisoner of Words book, you seem extremely excited about the Phytoplankton. Why is this almost unknown food/medicine so special?

 A. Without a doubt, the most impressive and compelling commentaries on the Phytoplankton come from the mouths via the hearts of the thousands of people who were suffering from serious chronic and terminal illnesses. The science on the nutritional value of Phytoplankton is universally conclusive. If the benefits people are experiencing from consuming the Phytoplankton are pure co-incidental, or if the results are directly related to the consumption of the Phytoplankton, the results can not be denied. The daily consumption of this complete food from the ocean appears to be making the lives of those eating it enriched with vitality and sound health.

A. How long has Phytoplankton been around?

Q. As I state in my book, it is my opinion that Phytoplankton is the very first life energy spoken into existence at the time of creation. If you are not a creationist as I am, then you would have to agree that this one celled plant form from the ocean is most likely the beginning of life on this planet. But it has only been in recent years that the values of Phytoplankton have been discovered to be a viable source of nutritional energy for humans, by consumption as a food supplement, and even used topically. We know that every creature in the sea from the oysters, the smallest fishes, to the mammoth mammal whales thrive on the Phytoplankton. The whale that lives 150 plus years makes Phytoplankton it's chief food, and the whales are sexually active till they die. So that speaks well of the life energy these one celled plants donate to the creatures that feast on it. As I state in chapter 38 of the Prisoner of Words book, " Jacques Cousteau spent the most of his life studying the life of the oceans and seas. And today we know that the most abundant, yet smallest of the sea life known as Phytoplankton are perhaps the greatest source of oxygen to our planet... And with all the in-sights and passions that Jacques Cousteau had for the oceans and for the life they contain, he perhaps never guessed that in the future those little Plankton's would perhaps be the last food energy for humans. Perhaps he knew, because he did say; " The future of nutrition is found in the ocean."

Q. Your saying that the Phytoplankton are high in oxygen?

A.  I'm not saying that, I'm simply stating what science has confirmed. I expand on the topic of the contributions these small life forms make to our planet in the book, but for certain these little one celled plants are the super-dooper environmental police of the planet. It is speculated that these Phytoplankton put more oxygen back into earths environment than all the rain forests combined. It is estimated that as much as 90% of earths oxygen is a direct contribution of these Plankton's. And as I said in the book, it's not just oxygen these Phytoplankton contribute to the planet; " ... the over two hundred species of tiny organisms have the ability to convert the energy of sunlight, water and minerals into proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids. These single cell plants are quite possibly the first created of all God's creation and they seem to be responsible for the survival of the rest of creation, including man." And as I discuss in the book, as discovered by the two time Nobel peace Prize recipient, Dr. Otto Warburg, "Oxygen is the cure to all disease", and if the Phytoplankton contribute so much oxygen to the environment over all, then perhaps in our water environment of our bodies the high oxygen contribution could be a contributing factor as to the incredible health recovery testimonies we are hearing about from people eating Phytoplankton. But not the oxygen element alone, but everything these micro-celled plants offer in totality and in balance as only Nature can provide. Complete nutrition in a completely bio-available form that is absorb-able at our very cellular level.

Q. How, and when did you first learn about Phytoplankton?

A.  It was only about three years ago that I first learned of this miracle food from the ocean that was giving life back to some very seriously ill people. I was told of a man named Tom Harper in Canada that owned a aqua-sea farm. Actually Tom Harper had developed a large land based aqua farm where he raised pure organic Phytoplankton to feed his shell fish. And according to reports I read, his shell fish grew larger in shorter time on this diet of home grown Phytoplankton than any other farms. The fact that his oysters and clams were reaching market size ahead of shell fish grown in the wild, or by his competition, created a lot of interest in his Phytoplankton growing techniques, duplicating the natural breeding cycle of the Plankton's, called "bloom". Tom Harper, as I was told by his daughter in a radio interview I did with her on my Get Well Stay Well, Now Show, was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive lung cancer. Tom Harper was only given by his cancer doctors a very few months to live. The cancer was not treatable or operable according to these doctors. One day Tom Harper felt compelled to eat some of the phytoplankton that he fed his oysters. He noticed an immediate improvement in his energy level. Mr. Harper continued to eat approximately a teaspoon of this Phytoplankton daily. As weeks passed he noticed a continued increase in energy, he was using less insulin daily to control his diabetes, and he was losing fat and gaining muscle mass. When he returned to his doctors it was suggested that an exploratory surgery be performed to investigate the growth of the many tumors he had in his lungs. Upon opening him up it was discovered that a strange white mass never before seen was surrounding each of the tumors. He was released from the hospital and went home to continue his daily habit of eating the Phytoplankton. Within only a short time not only was Tom Harper pronounced cancer free, he was also completely diabetes free. Tom's daughter also shared that she personally began eating the Phytoplankton and within a very short time experienced an incredible increase in energy, got completely off her thyroid medications and lost an incredible amount of weight. To the best of my knowledge this was the first human experience of using the Phytoplankton as a daily food supplement and recovering from serious disease.

Q. So, because of Tom Harper's personal experience, the Phytoplankton became commercially available?

A. Yes, I would assume that because of Tom Harper's testimony an awareness was created, and a demand for the miracle food from the sea was forth coming. Many people around Tom's community learned of his recovery, and people soon came from far and near to get some of this Phytoplankton. And soon there were many people from the nutrition industry and related health fields inquiring about obtaining large inventories of his Phytoplankton. The more people that came to Tom Harper's aqua-farm that were dying of various diseases that regained their health and vitality the more of a demand was created. it became like a shark feeding frenzy so to speak. Phytoplankton was eventually made available to some companies that placed it in health food stores, but the success of these ventures were limited. A company in Oram, Utah called Forever-Green ended up partnering with Tom Harper and actually bought controlling shares of his Aqua Farm. The Forever-Green company created a functional beverage that has a small amount of Phytoplankton in it, and because of the marketing system they have it was limited only to the independent distributors of that company. And what a success it was! This functional beverage was the first access I had to the Phytoplankton. It is a very good tasting formula of companion herbs and foods that seem to have a combined beneficial energy or synergy. Unfortunately the formula has only a fraction of the active ingredient of Phytoplankton, no where near what Tom Harper took daily, and is very costly.

Q. Did you see results with this Phytoplankton beverage with your own patients?

A. I most certainly did! I share some of the experiences I personally had, and some of my patients stories in the Prisoner of Words book. I can remember the first cancer Patient that I shared this Phytoplankton beverage with. Her name is Mary, and she was given only weeks to live. Mary had heard about me from another cancer surviving patient of mine in Detroit where she lived. She contacted me by phone and ask if she could come and see me in Las Vegas. Learning that she was told she was dying of Pancreatic cancer and was very weak, I encouraged her to see a friend of mine that uses the same whole food protocol as I do, but she insisted on coming to Vegas to see me. When I tested Mary on the foods we use in our Healthy Habits protocol, she tested very strong for the Phytoplankton beverage. It was an incredible amount she needed to consume daily, but she agreed to follow my recommendations and use the beverage as directed along with the other whole food supplements I recommended. Within just a few weeks after a visit to the cancer hospital Mary called me with the good news that her cancer was nearly gone. She told every patient in her support group about her improvement, and it wasn't long before I had many patients flying in from all over the U.S. to get on the whole food protocol. I am pleased to say that the vast majority of those people soon had good news to share as well. Unfortunately not everyone gets help soon enough, and some people could not afford the expensive Phytoplankton beverage along with the other foods in our protocol. It was only recently that I discovered where I could obtain the whole Phytoplankton so that we can make it available to people without the expensive processing cost to covert it into a diluted functional beverage. This fits in with our "whole food" concept a lot better, and more affordable, than offering a good tasting good for you but not your bank account beverage. For so many people simply the economic stress of getting well keeps them from experiencing total wellness.

Q. So now you have the raw Phytoplankton like Tom Harper first discovered to restore his health?

A. Yes, it is the whole live Phytoplankton, but this is a specific species of the one celled plants, and it is freeze dried in it's embryo or sprouting stage of growth. Much like getting more nutritional bang for your buck by eating sprouted alfalfa or mung beans, the additional nutritional benefits of the sprouting Phytoplankton would equally apply. Q. How does it taste, and how do you eat it? A. Some people spoil it for others by painting a word picture that it tastes terrible, and that is sad. The expectation of tasting something horrible will most likely program your brain to thinking it is not editable. But that is the furthest thing from truth. No, it doesn't taste as yummy as the functional beverage, but what would you prefer; the real deal, or a watered down fact similar to? To me the raw Phytoplankton has a bit of a fishy taste to it, and I happen to love fish and sushi. To some it has a green drink flavor. I recommend beginning by taking the Phytoplankton the same way we take the whole food Goats Colostrum; simply put a 1/2 teaspoon in your mouth and wash it down with the Electrolyzed Ionized pH Water, or your favorite fruit juice, the very first thing in the morning. Like the miracle Moringa Leaf Powder the Phytoplankton can also be used in food preparation as an added nutrient flavoring. Or it can be added to smoothies or fruit juices or punches. Because the Phytoplankton, like the Organic Goats Colostrum, Organic Moringa Leaf Powder and Organic Hemp Hearts seem to work better when taken on an empty stomach it would be preferred to simply take it with the purest water you can get. Preferably the Electrolyzed Ionized pH Water. This is the Healthy Habits Protocol. If a person has a critical health challenge the rule of thumb in the Holistic camp is to take three times the recommended daily dosage for maximum benefit. This would be spead out over the day, perhaps before each main meal. But this should only be done with the direct coaching of a health professional.

Q. Why is the need for a health professional supervising the use of the Phytoplankton, is there any risk in taking too much?

A.  Absolutely not!  It is simply a food, and it would be like over consumption of any other organic food. You eat too many grapes you may have necessity to stay close to a porcelain potty. If a person gets too ambitious with a new nutritional program they may experience what we call a "healing crises" or "cleansing experience". These are avoidable, and I certainly do not recommend that a person put themselves through a stressful cleansing experience unless it is absolutely necessary to save the life. For this reason it is always advisable to begin a whole food protocol slowly and build up to larger amounts as the body adjusts to the complete nutritional benefits. And it is also advisable to have a health coach that is qualified to help you with your pursuit of total wellness. In the Prisoner of Words book I give a step by step process for obtaining perfect health without excessive stress. And I fully explain the benefits of experiencing a healing crises and what to expect.