Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP

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The Christians Guide to Getting Well and Staying Well 


If getting well could only be as easy as getting sick?

It is, when you follow the guidelines of the Author of Life that Dr. Thomas Stone reveals in this short and to the point booklet. Getting well is no accident, nor was getting sick...

The Christians Guide To Getting Well and Staying Well, by Dr. Thomas Stone, is a short and fun read.

Everyone, regardless of personal religious doctrinal background will benefit from the opinions of this author.This guide to getting well and staying well written for the spiritually minded people is a simplistic approach to health. The application of the age old contractual principles given to God's people is as effective today as it was four thousand years ago.

Dr. Thomas Stone in this short and easy read delivers a direct punch between the eyes of the Bible believing and Christ proclaiming church.

Indeed, many of Dr. Stone’s ideas may be found to be some what bold, and controversial. This short read makes no bones about it, Dr. Stone is a free thinker, and at odds with the conventional thinking of the denominational church. It is also obvious that Dr. Stone is no friend of the world governments and big business that control the health and prosperity of the people.

When we look to the perfect Natural Laws, and apply the perfect Law of Love to our lives we will be able to employ the discipline of wellness and be free of disease, unhealthy aging, and lack of monetary comfort.

The principles of wellness are as old as time itself! In his common sense approach to finding solutions to the lack of health, vitality and prosperity Dr. stone gives a guidance that is bullet proof, and time tested.

This is not just another one of those books that points out the problems, and offers no solutions. Yes, being aware of the root problems is necessary before one can correct the situation. And the solutions are freely given in this informative booklet.

This would be a recommended read for everyone, it is a reader's digest version of what Dr. Stone and many other Holistic health professionals live, and practice daily.

All drugless and non invasive doctors seem to have in common the desire to see people get well and stay well without the potential harm from the therapies and the loss of their children's inheritance. These views and opinions of the author are adoptable by everyone.

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